Lew Boyd Band and Pacific Lite Band 2018 Dance Schedule

January 01, 2018

Lew Boyd Band           Pacific Lite Band        Swingtet Band

January 19th                              April 13th                                  June 22nd

February 16th                             May 11th

March 23rd                                 June 15th

April 20th                                    July 20th

May18th                                      August 10th

June Break                                 September 7th

July 6th                                     October 5th

August 24th                                November 2nd 

September 14th                          December 7th

October 19th

November 9th


7;00 - 9:00PM    $6.00 Person

Members & None-members are welcome

A light refreshment will be served

The Kool Family Community Center

200 W. Michigan Avenue

Battle Creek, MI 49017

Phone:(269) 965-0000

Fax: (269) 965-0011